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The Seriousness Of Pelvic Pain With Yeast Infection

Some people associate pelvic pain with yeast infection. In this article, we are going to discuss if there is really a relationship between pelvic pain and yeast infection.

The healthy human body is a wonder when one considers all of the negative things that, on a daily basis, the body are subjected to. Some of those negative influences include bacteria, viruses and many other organisms that can cause a variety of infections. Generally, the immune system of the body is able to ward off these attacks if the body is properly cared.

However, problems may arise if the body is not properly cared for. For example, if an individual does not cleanse their body frequently to remove dead skin cells, the pores of the skin may clog which in turn causes a buildup of bacteria. This is in turn may lead to acne or other skin conditions.

Also, if a person does not maintain a healthy balance between good bacteria and the presence of normal amounts of Candida albicans a yeast infection may result. This imbalance may be caused through the use of antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, etc. Another cause of imbalance, especially for a woman, is through the natural act of sexual intercourse. This imbalance may be caused by fluids associated with sexual activity which may create a yeast infection in the vagina and vulva.

If a yeast infection is experienced there are associated symptoms. If left unchecked the condition may worsen causing even greater problems. Therefore it is important to recognize the symptoms associated with a yeast infection and prevent the possibility of pelvic pain with a yeast infection outbreak.

Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection

The presence of pelvic pain associated with yeast infection is not necessarily a common symptom for a woman who has a yeast infection. However, there are other symptoms that an individual may experience that are indicative of having a yeast infection.

Specifically, there are three symptoms that are associated with an individual having a yeast infection. Those three symptoms are an itching in the affected area, an odor and a discharge.

When a woman has yeast infection there is generally an itching in the genital area. Specifically that area of itching is in the vagina and the vulva.

Another symptom associated with a yeast infection is a discharge from the affected area. With yeast infection in the vagina there may be a white clumpy looking discharge that is often described as looking like ricotta cheese. However, the discharge may also be yellow in color or may just be clear.

Finally, another symptom of a yeast infection is an odor. Often this odor is described as a bread type odor or beer odor.

Seriousness Of Pelvic Pain With A Yeast Infection

The symptoms of itching, burning, discharge and an odor, although serious conditions associated with a yeast infection, are less worrisome than pelvic pain associated with yeast infection. However, as with all abnormal conditions that deviate from those that are healthy, a doctor visit is strongly urged. This is especially true if there is pelvic pain and accompanying fever.

These two conditions may be a strong indicator of something more serious happening when experiencing pelvic pain with associated yeast infection. Therefore, it is important to see a medical professional and get an appropriate diagnosis and follow a prescribed treatment plan.

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