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Test Strips for Yeast Infection

Test strips for yeast infection can be a way to find out if you are suffering from yeast infection. Women have it tough in regards to self-diagnosing those itching and burning ailments in the vaginal area as they could be caused by a variety of things. However, with test strips for yeast infection, they can at least narrow down or eliminate yeast infections as the cause. Often times, women can self-treat with over the counter medications but it can be tough without a somewhat definitive diagnosis but the test strips for yeast infection can obviously point them to the right medications should they come up positive.

How They Work

There are home tests available with test strips for yeast infection that women can try should they get symptoms of yeast in the form of itching, burning and white, clumpy vaginal discharge. These strips test the pH levels in the vagina and yeast usually turns up in the acidic levels, usually in the 3.6 – 4.4 range. Most test strips for yeast infection are accurate and will match a doctor's in-house diagnosis about 92% of the time, depending on the brand and type of test.

There are pH strips reminiscent of pool water testers or those used in high school chemistry labs where a swab of the vaginal area is taken and smeared on the strips for testing. Other forms of these test strips for yeast infection may come in a disposable pantyliner form that must be worn inside underwear with the tester built-in.

Other Information

There are FDA-approved test strips for yeast infection that can be found on local pharmacy shelves as well as medical or chemical supply stores that sell pH strips for a variety of things such as testing the pH levels in pools, beer, wine and more. Each test is different so the instructions for use as well as interpreting the results must be followed closely to ensure accurate diagnosis.

Bacterial infections and yeast infections act and feel very similar as far as symptoms go but the treatment of them are vastly different. If the goal is saving money on a doctor's visit then these test strips for yeast infection diagnosis can help by eliminating or confirming the yeast infection. From there, the diagnosis could be used to choose the proper over the counter remedy for the problem, but only if the results show a yeast infection. If the test is inconclusive, a doctor's office visit is wise so as to ascertain the correct ailment and receive proper treatment for it to avoid future complications.

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