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Over The Counter Yeast Infection Tests

Over the counter yeast infection tests are nowadays readily available, especially ones that test for vaginal yeast infections. Naturally, buying yeast infection tests over the counter, and then easily taking the test in 2 minutes seems to be a comfortable alternative to making an appointment with your doctor and then taking the time to go and see him/her. In many cases, these tests can be reliable, however, if you have any doubts or uncertainties about your yeast infection, you should rather go and see your doctor, who will be able to give you advice and prescribe suitable medication.

How Do Yeast Infection Tests Brought Over The Counter Work?

If you are considering buying over-the-counter yeast infections tests, you are possibly experiencing some common symptoms of yeast infection. You may feel an itching and burning sensation and possibly painful urination for example. Well, as a first step, you should definitely be aware of the difference between certain vaginal infections, as by being able to decide rapidly, that though you have similar symptoms, you do not actually have the symptoms of a yeast infection, you can save time, omitting the step of buying a test kit, and going to your doctor straight away. On the other hand, these test kits are easy to use, so even if you just suspect having a yeast infection, you could try taking a test. Over-the-counter yeast infection tests are straightforward to use, they give you a result in just a few minutes. Some test kits measure for example pH, which is also one of the criteria used by professionals. So, as a clear advantage it is fast and easy to buy and use these tests, however, their result is of course not perfectly reliable. Moreover, if you happen to have yeast infection, as shown by the test, you will most probably have to see your doctor anyway, or at least, you will still have to find a way to treat yourself.

Professional Diagnosis

When you go and see your doctor, he/she will discuss your symptoms with you, take the necessary tests to find out what kind of infection you have and then prescribe medication. Firstly, a pelvic examination will be performed, and your doctor may find inflammation of the skin of the vulva or of the vagina. Two primary examination methods are culturing and microscopic examination, these are of course not especially pleasant, but they can give a more reliable result than just taking simply an over-the-counter yeast infection test.

On the whole, simply taking a test by yourself may seem easier, faster and more pleasant, and you should definitely exploit the advantages of this new method, however you should always keep in mind that a professional diagnosis can be more reliable, moreover, by going to your doctor straight away, he/she will be able to give you suitable medication. This way, you can most probably rest assured, that your yeast infection is taken care of professionally, while with an over-the-counter yeast infection test, the results are more questionable, and you will still need professional treatment.

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