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Cranberry Yeast Infection Cures

There are so many natural food wonders that can cure what ails you and the cranberry is one of the best cure when it comes to yeast infection. In fact, cranberry yeast infection cures are not only possible, but many people swear by this tart little berry for many other things as well. Cranberries are most popular as a cure for urinary tract infections but their medicinal properties extend far beyond that scope.

How It Works

Cranberry yeast infection cures start out with understanding how and why the whole process works as a treatment. An unhealthy balance of "bad" bacteria greatly contributes to yeast infections so if you had something that inhibits the growth of this bacteria then you would have a pretty good defense against a yeast infection occurring.

Cranberries can be consumed in a variety of forms and they work to prevent the "bad" bacteria from holding strong in places where they should not such as vaginal or skin yeast infections. It depends on how you consume this little berry as to how these cranberry yeast infection cures will work for you.

Treatment Forms

First of all, do not bother with the cranberry juice cocktails or those cranberry juices with added sugars. Yeast thrives on sugar so you want to avoid cranberry products with sugar in them and that eliminates many juice forms you may find in the grocery store. Cranberry yeast infection cures require the berry straight up without those sweeteners involved so you might have to go to the organic section of your grocery store or a health food store to find what you need.

When in season, you can consume fresh cranberries as part of your cranberry yeast infection cures but you will find that they are not really palatable, instead rather tart. Unsweetened cranberry juice is the best bet for your yeast infection treatment and you might make it tastier by diluting with water or mixing a little honey in it, which also contains yeast infection fighters.

Cranberry capsules can also be found in local pharmacies and health food stores and could be added to your cranberry yeast infection cures. While not as good as consuming the real thing, these capsules pack quite a punch with their infection fighting abilities.

Just remember - do not consume cranberries with any sugars or sweeteners because you would actually be feeding the yeast. Remember, cranberry yeast infection cures require straight-up undiluted cranberries, either consumed fresh or in squeezed juice form.

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